Creative Opportunities on Facebook and Instagram in the Time of Covid-19

In a rapidly shifting environment, it can be hard for brands to know what messages will resonate on social. Add to this the difficulties of producing new assets in a safe and responsible way, and you have a perfect storm, as marketers scramble to determine the what and how of their social creative. In this presentation, Facebook Creative Shop’s Finola Austin will take you through learnings from major brands around determining message content and tone, producing in the era of Covid-19, and making use of the ad units and testing capabilities that Facebook/Instagram has to offer.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the messaging themes that are working for major brands in this new reality
  • Dream up new possibilities for creative production beyond the traditional shoot
  • Leverage Facebook/Instagram’s creative and testing capabilities
  • Gain access to a Creative Shop framework for moving Beyond Bias in the creative process