Influential Voices: The Evolution of Influencer Marketing from Ideal to Real

Influencer marketing has always been widely debated – one week it’s “over”, the next, it’s the answer to every marketer’s problems. The fact is, it’s here to stay. Consumers are particular about how they let advertising into their daily lives, and influencer marketing is widely accepted. On most social media platforms, influencers are known for producing visual eye candy, but on Twitter, they’re recognized for their voice and for letting their hair down. This key difference creates an opportunity to more authentically deliver a message on behalf of a brand.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify how top brands are partnering with influencers on Twitter to stand out in unexpected ways
  • Understand the simple, creative principles that will help you drive conversation
  • Utilize new trends and insights to inform your Influencer partnerships