Ultimate Social Media Marketing

In today’s modern business landscape where a YouTube star gets more daily impressions than most Fortune 100 corporations, having an active social media presence is a must for companies large and small. This interactive, advanced-level Masterclass focuses on optimizing your strategy for creating content that converts; building a brand people want to follow; engaging employees as advocates; and measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts while removing the complexity of social media that exists today. This session is for digital marketers who use social media and want to understand how to reach their business goals with more efficiency.

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Perform a quick, simple and action-oriented social media audit to prioritize your content, community management, and conversion strategies
  • Design a winning social media game plan that will not break the bank
  • Create an engaged community of fans and content that converts
  • Manage a posting schedule and decide what—and where—you should post
  • Apply simple tricks for making your processes smooth and easy including tools to use
  • Engage employees to become social media advocates for your company
  • Regain organic reach on platforms such as Facebook by knowing what the algorithms show preferential treatment to