Best-in-Class Webinars & Webcasts: Tactics to Build Your Virtual Events Program

Online events have recently become even more mainstream. Instead of canceling your planned events altogether, you can create a virtual event online to help keep your sales leads pipeline full of potential new clients. Moving to a virtual event can reduce your costs while providing you the opportunity to reach a larger audience and make attendance possible for those that can’t travel or meet in large groups.

Recent studies have shown that buyers are 65% through the customer journey (source: Sirius Decisions) before they want to talk with anyone from the sales department. Virtual events can inform, educate, answer questions, help prospects make comparisons and truly move a prospect through the customer journey. In fact, the average webinar participant viewing time is 61 minutes (Source: Big Book of Webinar Stats). Can you think of a more engaging way to hold a potential prospect’s attention?

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Make a business case for why webinars and live online events matter in today’s business climate
  • Decide what platform to use, and what content to include
  • Create a strategy and plan your virtual event (strategy planning template and timeline checklist included)
  • Keep your audience engaged virtually
  • Develop a pre, during and post plan for your virtual event
  • Measure your results